The Golden Wheel

A photo of Hermes on the House of the Golden Wheel - Prague, Czech Republic

The thoroughfare in Prague between the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square is always packed. As tourists cross the junction with Rytirska street, many don’t realise a alchemist’s symbol is close by.

The Mummified Thief’s Arm

A photo of the Mummified Hand in the Church of St James the Greater - Prague, Czech Republic

Dodge behind the impressive Old Town Square in the heart of Prague. In the winding streets just off the Royal Way, you will find the church of St James the Greater. Inside hangs the mummified hand of a thief. No, really.

The Crying Madonna of Malta

A photo of the triptych of the Madonna - Lija, Malta

In the centre of island of Malta lies a small neighbourhood known as ‘Tal-Mirakli’. (‘The Miraculous [Neighbourhood]’). It nestles between the three residential villages of Attard, Balzan and Lija.┬áThere you can find a small Roman Catholic chapel that contains the source of this unusual name.