Dear Reader,

I am nothing more than a guy who likes to travel. Few people don’t like to grab their passport and make a run for the nearest airport or train station.

Am I right?

As well as the main touristy things, I always search for unusual things about places. Legends, ghost stories, unusual facts – that sort of thing.

Because it’s more fun to say, “Yes, I saw that – and I visited the convent built by the Italian priest who wanted to help poor women provided they were beautiful.”

After all, there’s a reason there’s a statue of Darth Vader in Prague. Or the story behind the pagan astrological signs in a Roman Catholic cathedral in Milan.

There’s always a reason.

And there’s always a story.

I collect and write about these stories here – stuff you don’t readily find in guide books, but which add colour to a destination. Ever since I started travelling this way, I began to examine places with new eyes. Why is there a painting of a peacock on this house? Why are there leaves protruding from this statue’s face? Invariably, there is always a reason.

And they give you bragging rights since you can tell your friends, “Did you know this church was built by the Emperor’s brother to celebrate the fact his brother wasn’t killed by a deranged Hungarian?”


I’ve thrown in the odd tip here and there, a few road trips and suggestions too.

Happy travels!


  1. Dear Unexpected Traveller,

    I am a Management and Communication student at the Hogeschool Gent. I am conducting a research about the expat community and their travel habits. The purpose of this research is to understand the travel needs of the expat community. I would like to ask five minutes of your precious time to help me complete this research.


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    Can you please forward this e-mail to all your expat-friends or put it on your blog?

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    Kind Regards,

    Nicolas De Winter

    • unexpectedtraveller

      Hello Nicholas,

      Your comment is on the blog so readers will be able to see it. I can mention it directly in my Monthly update – next one due on May 03. Will that be too late for you?

  2. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and what better way than to pass on the Highly Esteemed Versatile Blogger award to you!
    Congratulations, and here’s a link to my blog-post about the award if you are interested…

  3. Stumbled upon your blog…unexpectedly! I travel often between France (Bordeaux) and Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve) for my work so I can relate to a lot of the stuff you write about. A lot of it is very amusing and made me LOL 😀 I don’t know much about Brussels – I only visit about once a month and haven’t explored it extensively – but I agree that Belgium is certainly a rather eccentric country. Fun experience though 😉 Keep up the great posts!

  4. Glad to hear I’m not the only one finding Brussels something of a surreal expeience…

  5. I enjoyed reading some of your posts this morning and am looking forward to learning more about the unexpected traveller. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Wishing you a fabulous weekend. 🙂

  6. Hi Unexpected Traveller. I always enjoy reading your blog – the truth is certainly stranger (and quite a lot funnier) than fiction. I love your stories and enjoy your unique perspective on your experiences. Though I travel far less often than I used to, since leaving my job at an international airline and starting a family, I now enjoy travelling vicariously through you. Hope to revive my wanderlust some day and meet you on your travels. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Sam – The wanderlust never fades away does it? Being able to travel without moving through films, books and blogs is something that I used to treasure when I was a kid. Nothing quite beats the actual sensation of travelling and hearing that I can help you in this way puts a smile on my face.

      Perhaps we’ll meet in some unexpected location soon enough 😉

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