Andorra, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is sandwiched between Spain and France. Curiously, they have two co-princes as the head of their state – The Bishop of Urguell and the President of France. They use the Euro, but they’re not part of the European Union; they speak Catalan but are not part of Spain. It is a strange place when seen from the outside.

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It is curious to see that small countries such as Andorra still exist in this day and age. I’m not suggesting that it shouldn’t exist but after all the wars Europe saw, it is surprising to see this territory survived.

A photo of the road leading to Andorra from FranceFrom a traveller’s perspective, what is most interesting is getting there. It is much easier to get to it from France or Spain, than to get there directly. In fact, it was only while I was planning a road trip along the coast of Spain that I said to myself, “Why not?”. Driving there from Barcelona did not take too long as it is only about 2 hours’ drive away, traffic permitting.

I was amused by the border control when driving out of the country. Apparently people drive into Andorra to get hold of cheaper alcohol and tobacco which must be lucrative for the French/Spanish forces. They were quite visible and questioned me at length.

So far, I’ve only visited the capital but perhaps I will have the opportunity to see a little more of it soon enough!


Click on the map to see articles about the different regions of Andorra.


Have you visited Andorra before? What did you think about the place?

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