Austria is somewhere between Italy and Germany – spiritually, as well as geographically. Home of the former mighty Hapsburg empire, I have to confess that I have explored more of the capital than any other region. This is something I should fix soon enough.

The first time I was in Austria was on a family holiday more than 20 years ago. We drove across the border from Germany to visit Salzburg and Innsbruck. I don’t recall much of either city except a general sense of how pleasant those days were. Perhaps I should revisit some time soon.

Austria is one of the few places I know more about through history lessons at school, than I do about it in the present day. It’s difficult to think of a single fact that the country is famous for these days. Other than stating that it shares the Alpine region with a few other countries, I would not know what to say. Even Gustav Klimt – one of the great Austrian artists – was not someone I thought of as Austrian.

A photo of the Belvedere - Vienna, Austra

The Belvedere – Vienna, Austria

When you start to look around, you realise it is perhaps one of central Europe’s most understated countries. I will put together more stories and tips for travellers who wish to cross this magnificent place off their travel lists as well.



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Have you visited Austria yet? What did you like best?

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