Awash With Confusion

I am not amused.  This is my fourth day in Ireland and I have only now figured out how the showers work.  To be precise, I have now figured out how the showers work in this hotel. You know what they say about the Irish, right?

I arrived just over four days ago on the last flight to Dublin and collapsed on the bed when I got into the room.  The next morning, I was shocked to see that the shower only dispensed cold water but I was late so I taunted hypothermia and told reception about it before leaving for work. Upon my return, I was told that it was sorted.


Normal Taps


The next day, I found a shower resolutely refusing to dispense hot water and exchanged a few choice words with the receptionist.  Looking a little startled at the shade of blue my lips emitted, she assured me that she’ll get someone to look at it but added that there is one hot water system for the whole floor and no one else complained.

That evening, I checked the shower. The tap is a simple one which needs to be twisted anti-clockwise to be opened.  After half a turn, there is a child-lock which you need to press to twist it further.  Logic dictates that the child-lock is there to prevent kids from accidentally scalding themselves.  I open the water to its fullest extent and after 5 minutes of waiting, the water does turn tepid.  Figuring that this will never be resolved, I conclude that the shower needs a little, ahem, warming up.

This morning, I did this and let crystal clear water run through until it warmed up a little.  While I was trying to get used to the cool temperature, I accidentally hit the tap and closed it slightly.

Which is when the water turned hot.


Irish Taps – and not for Guinness either


So, when in Ireland, open up the tap a little to get cold water. Past the child-lock and open all the way to get more cold-water.  Leave the tap hovering just above the child lock – right in the middle, in other words – to get water hot enough to strip paint with.


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  1. Did you sing? or maybe you did an Irish jig as well? Please do tell. I had such bathroom tap problems in my travels, and the first thing I do as soon as I take possesion of a room in a hotel, is to try the water system first.

  2. I don’t usually experience such strange tap behavior… but I can recall that one time when I had to keep one hand on the temperature control because of the ever changing water temperature. The next day they gave me a replacement room so cannot complain.

  3. Henry – I believe that I did end up discovering how to dance an Irish jig after all.

    Kevin – I am not the kind of person who asks for an unusual plumbing system when booking a room either; perhaps it was an optional extra?

  4. You see, that is why I always bring my own hot water when I travel abroad.

  5. I did a study abroad in Dublin this past summer, and I had the exact same problem in the dorm I stayed in. It took me a few days to figure out why there was never any hot water! Glad I am not the only one.

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