Belgian Carnival

A sun beam penetrates the bushy, emerald-green leaves above me and dances upon my face. I close my eyes momentarily without slowing my pace and drink in the warmth as I head for a tram.

Unfortunately, the few precious moments of sun worshipping made me miss tram 51 so I have to wait a little until the next one comes along.  According to the notice board, I should not have to wait for too long but I figure that a pleasant stroll along my route to the next tram stop will be a better way to while away the time.

Mozart RestoI set off and pause for breath at the next tram stop.  Cars sweep their way past me and stop when the lights order them to.  A few uninterested drivers look at me and the only other occupant of the tram stop and pointedly ignore us.

I am not sure why they are ignoring us though, or, to be precise, I am not sure why they are ignoring the other occupant.  It is taking a lot of will power to stare straight ahead but I then take a quick look.  Purely because I know that no one would believe me if I tried to tell this story, I whip out my mobile phone, enable the camera option and take a picture of the sixty-year old woman dressed like this:

What to wear when the weather turns a little warmer

At least I think it is a woman …

I caught her rolling a joint and listening to something on her headphones.

Odd people all around you? Do you live in Belgium perhaps? Leave us a comment and tell us about them!


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  1. It’s frightening that I can’t say this is the oddest attire I’ve seen in Bxl. But it’s up there. Kudos to you for taking the photo!

  2. Brilliant! There’s nothing like a strangely dressed old woman rolling a joint.

  3. unexpectedtraveller

    Diane makes a good point .. could this be a cross-dressing guy?

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