Belgian District 9

I know what you’re going to say.  Don’t.  I do have an excuse.  I know I’m cheating but I’m pretty sure that you won’t blame me for it. Blame the local paper – La Tribune De Bruxelles.  They put on the scent after all.

I’m talking about their rather jolly column at the very back of every weekly edition where they highlight some part of Brussels under the banner of “Where In Brussels Is This?”.  It’s like a grown up version of “Where’s Wally?” but with sillier since the places featured actually exist.

I usually pick up a copy to help practice my French but this section is the first that I turn to, I must confess.  I’ve even joined the Facebook fan page as the photos and scenarios are lovely.

Anyway, last Sunday I couldn’t help myself and set out to find this one place myself.  I caught the tram into town and changed on to the metro heading eastwards.  The metro was not too packed, this being a Sunday and the few occupants in the carriage all looked at one another and at me when the driver switched the engine off and the lights dimmed momentarily.  Thankfully we were still in a station at the time.

Engine rebooted, it only took a few more minutes before I reached my destination. I blinked in the sunlight as I emerged and took a few minutes to get my bearings.  I counted at least three people looking at maps and wandering around so this is the part of Brussels that people must get lost in.

Which is probably why one particular home owner decided to highlight his own address and door number:

Door Number 9

The Front Door




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  1. Oh that’s fantastic… particularly since I always find myself searching for house numbers in this city!

  2. Maybe it’s the owner’s lucky number! We’ve lived in our house for almost 3 years and we still haven’t managed to put up a house number. So embarrassing.

  3. It would be fun if it were possible to go there one night and turn them all upside down ..I would love to see the owners face in the morning. :)

  4. Maybe he stammers – rather badly and frequently!!

    Very good observation.

  5. Pity he/she did not turn a few of the numbers around – at least it would have made it a bit more interesting rather than someone has gone badly wired !! :)

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