Christmas 2009 Poll and Prize

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Tis the season to be jolly and all that.

Since Christmas is upon us and since the growing community around “The Unexpected Traveller’s Blog” is what makes this blog such a great one, it is only fair that I give something back to you loyal readers.

I have a set of three questions for you to help me improve and shape the blog in 2010.  Answer them and leave your name and e-mail address and a lucky name will be drawn out of a hat on Christmas Day.  The winner will receive a € 25.00 gift voucher from

Additionally, all new e-mail subscribers (use the links on the right!) between Dec 01 and Dec 24 will also be added into the draw – so get cracking and click here to forward this competition to all your friends. Who knows, if you’re lucky, they may just share the prize with you!


  1. Anyone can enter from anywhere on Earth. No restrictions.
  2. If you’d rather use another online retailer, I’ll happily get a voucher for you from there for € 25.00 (or equivalent)
  3. I will convert € 25.00 to your local currency using the exchange rate applicable on Christmas Day 2009. This applies only if your home currency is not the Euro.
  4. Competition starts at 00:01 on Dec 01, 2009 (Central European Time)
  5. Competition closes at midnight on Dec 24, 2009 (Central European Time)
  6. To be eligible for the draw, you must either answer all three questions OR subscribe to the blog via e-mail using the links on the right.


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  2. The first time I have seen such friendly – customer oriented blog, ever. Your idea of a gift voucher is truly heartwarming, as someone cares. Well done, keep it up. You have me as your fan. By the way, a Happy Christmas to you and your family, and augurs that 2010 will be even better for you.

    • unexpectedtraveller

      That’s the spirit Henry!

      Best wishes for the festive season to you and your family too. Best of luck for the Christmas draw

      The Unexpected Traveller

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