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Raphael picks me up. It is late on a Saturday and the plan is to go on a Ghost walking tour of Sydney.  We meet the rest of the group in front of  Cadman’s cottage somewhere beside Circular Quay in Sydney and get briefed for the tour.

Our Ghost Guide - Probably the scariest thing we saw all evening

Our Ghost Guide – Probably the scariest thing we saw all evening

Prepared for rain and all sorts of bad weather, our Ghost Guide is dressed in black and sports a black Trilby to give himself an imposing and macabre air.  He is also armed with a number of visual aids that relate to each story he is about to tell us and distributes them to each of us to further enliven the evening.

We get the initial introduction and welcome by our tour guide who prepares to lead us across bits of Sydney talking all about the ghost stories and macabre occurrences that have happened in the area.  He starts off by telling us a story about an apparition which occurs approximately were we are standing*.  A human form appears under certain circumstances, and you can tell it is a ghost as the “person” has no legs!  Ending on such a note, the guide sets off to the next stop in our journey.

So there you have it folks; in Australia, even the ghosts are legless.

* Sorry, won’t spoil the story for you!


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