Czechia, as it is now known, has that unique distinction of having been created peacefully. Which rarely happens when it comes to creations of states. Home to Bohemia and the centre of European politics for hundreds of years means that there is plenty to see and do here.

I have lived here since 2012, in the capital city of Prague. It is a beautiful central European city that never fails to live up to its title of City of a hundred spires. Apart from its own bohemian past, Prague was an influential part of European geo-politics during the Dark Ages. The names of noblemen or kings are familiar to people, even if they’re unaware that these kings were Bohemian.

A picture of the Old Town Square at dusk - Prague, Czechia

The Old Town Square – Prague, Czechia

Nowadays Prague is a tourist destination that attracts millions every year.  Whether tourists come in search of art, culture or just a proper beer, they rarely leave disappointed. The place is safe, the weather is clement if a little cold in the depths of winter. I find that it has plenty to offer the discerning tourist, no matter what one is looking for.

Ossuaries, mansions that think they’re castles, retro-futuristic Bond villain lairs, secrets of alchemy – this country really does have it all.

As befits a capital city with such an illustrious history, Prague has many legends attached to the buildings and localities. You will find many of these stories here and I do my best to tie these legends together to give you a view of Prague the way I see it.



What was your favourite part of visiting Czechia?

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