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Getting used to all this inter-continental travel is a good thing.  Yesterday I stepped off a 24-hour flight to Sydney with no visible signs of jet lag (Or crocodiles:  I was picked up by Raphael and we went out for a few beers too. I’m sure he was expecting me to collapse at any moment but, provided this is not some really weird dream, I feel fine.

As far as the eye can see ...

As far as the eye can see …

This morning, after walking my way through some unidentified part of Australia,  I arrive at the office building where I’m supposed to be delivering a two-week course to some unsuspecting antipodeans.

We are on the twentieth floor in a building somewhere in North Sydney. The room I’m using is well-lit as there are few high-rise buildings right in front of us and the view across Sydney is rather stunning.

We spend the best part of the morning going through the introductory content and stop at about eleven to stretch our legs and get some much-needed caffeine.  The canteen is at the other end of the office which occupies the entire floor. We walk there chatting and sharing stories as we grab coffee, condiments and help ourselves to the range of chocolate biscuits.

I look out of the window.  This side of the building faces the city proper and apart from buildings and faceless windows from other offices, I notice this advert in front of me.

Kinky Advert

Kinky Advert

My camera couldn’t zoom in much more but the advert says:

“Want longer lasting SEX? Innovative nasal delivery system! Call now!”

In Australia, it seems, some things are back to front. Or should that be top to bottom?




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  1. I love walking through your narative and experiences. This one is informative, and cannot wait till your next issue. Keep it up and coming.

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