Down the Drain

It had been a long day. My plans for the evening had long disappeared down the drain hole of life when more last-minute work found its way to my desk at the very last-minute.

The fact that the days are shorter now means that I always end up leaving the office in the dark, even if I finish on time. The darkness feels worse when I leave late, for some unfathomable reason. Maybe knowing that I’m walking through the doors into the cold night at a late time affects how I think about the rest of the day.

There is a comfortable bus service that I sometimes use that runs from the office to the bus stop right outside my apartment, next to the pizzeria whose pizzas smell very tempting when I work late. The bus is comfortable, especially if the weather is bad. It also is convenient if you’re a lazy bugger.

Like I am.

Unfortunately, it stops at about 8pm, so I headed to the tram stop instead. The tram is efficient and I rarely need to spend lots of time waiting. The only snag is the 10 minute walk to my apartment.

I boarded the tram, ignoring the mumblings of someone who may be drunk or just Czech, and I sat beside one of the doors that creaks and whines as it closes. I usually read on trams, but on this day I was too tired to do anything other than stare at the city as it whisked past the window.

My eyes flickered from lit and blinking storefront to the sight of people roaming around aimlessly. I was engrossed deep in thought and suddenly realised that I had lowered my head and was staring at my knees.

Which is when I noticed something on the floor of the tram:

A Drain Hole On The Tram

A drain hole in the floor of a tram – Prague, Czech Republic

I suppose this makes cleaning the place easier, but a bathroom-style drain did seem a little out-of-place here.


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  1. I remember those days. When the sun would set even before you wrapped up work..the sun was much more cooperative in Dallas. I couldn’t imagine working like that in Brussels, but I guess that’s what J has to deal with.ugh.

    • Some of us have to deal with that sort of thing. I do remember life being sunnier in Dallas (only spent a week there, mind) but I also remember that the temperature could just plummet over the course of a day – what’s up with that?

      • its closer to the equator. its lovely. best of both worlds. when we moved here, I couldn’t believe the lack of sun and my friends couldn’t believe the crazy, wonderful abundance of sun…it does exist!!

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