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I yawn.  After having been driven to Brussels Charleroi Airport at the ungodly hour of 5am, I checked in and passed through security without hassles. Thankfully this is a small airport so there is not much walking to do.

I sit on a row of blue plastic chairs facing the dark expanse that, presumably, is the runway.  Most of the people around me are half-asleep too except for a frazzled Flemish mother and her hyperactive son.  If he runs past me screaming again, I think I’ll trip up the little bugger.

The place is unusually warm.  I am wearing a full suit although I have removed my blazer for now and am making sure not to crease it too much.  Most passengers are wearing casual items and I envy them that.  Of course, the fact that we’re travelling Ryanair means that I’m the odd one out.

Priority Boarding. Up To A Point

Priority Boarding. Up To A Point

I am on my way to Ireland to spend a few days with a client in Dublin and taking the first flight out was my only option.  At least the people handling the booking made sure that I got priority booking.  I hold my boarding card in my right hand with the words “Priority” stamped all over it.  I just know that everyone else glances at it when I’m not looking and gets very jealous.  I sip my coffee and try not to look smug.

The voice on the tannoy announces our departure and asks for all people with Priority boarding to approach the desk.  I stand up, gather my belongings and make my way. I’m secretly pleased that I’m the only one – one advantage of priority boarding means that I get to choose any seat I want on the free-seating flight.

My boarding card and passport are inspected and I am waved through.  I descend the stairs, trying not to look at the horrible shade of green that covers the walls and stop at the foot of the staircase when a sour-looking airport official stops me.

Despite priority boarding, I am asked to stop and wait until all the passengers are behind me and then we’re allowed to make our way to the aircraft together.  Some people with small bags try to make a run for it in the hope of getting a good seat.


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  1. Travelling on low cost airlines is a cost saving without any doubt, however the airport procedures leave a lot to be desired and different airports have their own particular ‘ modus opoerandi ‘. However did you manage to get a decent seat afterall??

    • unexpectedtraveller

      Good question Henry – I did manage to get a good seat in the third row. I also glared at all the other passengers so no one ended up seated next to me either.

      The U T

  2. The same thing happened to me in the same airport 😉
    I felt so short of the 5 euro I had paid for my priority boarding lol

    I’d rather fly with aer lingus. At least it’s leaving from Brussels and it’s also a proper airline. 😉

    • unexpectedtraveller

      Stephane – I know what you mean. Aer Lingus are so much more civilised.

      The Unexpected Traveller

  3. I enjoy small airports especially when they’re not crowded. You are lucky to have gotten good treatment and an awesome seat.

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