France is one of the largest countries, geographically speaking, in Europe. And its influence in European culture and life is clear wherever you are.

Europe has France firmly embedded in its DNA. Think about French influence in the English language. Or French cuisine in various European food recipes. Or even French culture and architecture in countries that were once conquered by it.

This is a peculiar country; the regions are not just separate area with traditions and habits. They are countries-in-waiting which are strangely part of a larger whole but are also a whole in their own right. Indeed, such is the variety you can find that I doubt a single lifetime is enough to discover everything there is to find about France.

Le Touquet Sur Plage - Sea front

The French Sea Side

Whether you are planning a foodie holiday (wine? cheese? local recipes? cured meats? sea food? take your pick … ), a holiday hiking or trekking in the wilderness (The Alps? Bourg St Maurice?The Pyrenees? The Loire Valley?), a seaside break (The Mediterranean coast? The Atlantic coast?) a city break (Paris? Lyon? Lille?) or just want to combine all the above, France is the destination of choice.



Which part of France will you visit next?

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