Honest Feelings

The change in seasons is immediately visible outside my window as it is still dark outside.  The sodium light casts shadows around the street as people walk to work or school, chased by the brighter beams from cars headlights.

Time passes.  I barely notice that the sun has risen as it is a particularly busy day.  One phone call begins just as another ends, e-mails tirelessly chase one another through the ether and deadlines loom on my mental horizon.  I pause only to answer the door.

We hire someone to come and do a spot of light cleaning from one of the local cleaning agencies.  We’ve recently changed the company we work with but this new lady seems nice and efficient so all is well.  Thankfully this is her third time here so she won’t need to interrupt me to ask where everything is. I take advantage of the interruption to brew a fresh coffee and head back to my desk.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

Before I know it, lunch time arrives.  I’m expecting her to approach me for payment but instead find myself asking my boss if I can call him back in a few minutes.  I put the phone down and look at her.

She has popped her head in and has a very surprised look on her face.  She also is very red in the face.  She stutters and slowly explains to me that something is wrong with the cat.

While changing her shoes, the cat walked up to her, took one look and cheerfully urinated all over her feet.

There are some people I wish I could do that to.

Is your pet as honest as ours? We want to know – leave a comment and tell us all about it.



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  1. Strange cat!! Does it knows something which you did not notice?? I would ask that question, if I was in your shoes.

  2. The Unexpected Traveller

    Hello Henry,

    I do wonder if perhaps the cat’s senses were tingling … or maybe our cleaning lady has pets of her own 🙂

    The U T

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