Illuminati symbols in Catholic Churches?

As I explore and stroll through churches and public buildings I can’t help but notice patterns and symbols. Often, these symbols explain something to me. The Illuminati all-seeing eye had me stumped for a few years.

Illuminati imagery shows the all-seeing eye as floating above or within a pyramid. This represents their potential to see everything from their position at the top of the pyramid. [1]

Subtle, it ain’t.

The problem with this is simple: A pyramid, or triangle, and an eye are not unique symbols in human history. Egyptians built pyramids thousands of years before any masonic lodge came into existence. Many cultures have the equivalent of the eye of Osiris watching over them.

The Roman Catholic Church used this symbol long before the masons came into existence. They used a triangle to signify the Holy Trinity and the eye to represent God over seeing mankind. [2]

So how can we tell if a symbol of an all-seeing eye is Illuminati-related or not?

The answer is, it depends. Because there is no straightforward answer.

In cases of churches built or restored since the nineteenth century, I would say the imagery is Roman Catholic. I find it hard to accept that the Church would have allowed Masonic imagery to line its own buildings.

Before that, it’s possible the original artist sent his co-conspirators hidden messages.

To be able to know for sure I would need to know more about the artist, the person who commissioned the work, and the period they lived in. There’s not a lot of documentation; after all they were secret societies! This makes it harder to interpret signs – but it doesn’t make it any less fun to discover them 😎

Meanwhile, here’s a few places where I found the eye of Osiris. Can you think of any others?

A close up photo of the all-seeing eye on an altar - Siggiewi, Malta

A close up of the all-seeing eye on an altar – Siggiewi, Malta

A photo of the tabernacle in the Cathedral - Cadiz, Spain

Tabernacle in the Cathedral of Cadiz. Note the all-seeing eye on the Tabernacle – Cadiz, Spain

A photos of saints and altars at St. George's church - Prague, Czechia

Saints and altars at St. George’s church. Note the triangle above the statues – Prague, Czechia

A photo of the pulpit in St Nicholas Church - Prague, Czechia

The pulpit in St Nicholas Church under the all-seeing eye – Prague, Czechia

A photo of an angel holding Pyramid and Eye at the Loreto Chapel - Prague, Czechia

Angel holding Pyramid and Eye at the Loreto Chapel – Prague, Czechia


[1] Illuminati Symbols,, (Retrieved 2017-07-08)
[2] Eye of Providence,, 2017-06-25


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