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We wait.  I am back home and am due to fly out again soon but now, the two of us are on our way to the town centre.  On the platform in the metro, there are a few other people lolling about.

A mother tries to control her unruly son from shouting and resorts to threatening him before he stops.  As the noise dies down, the sound of piped music faintly drips down from the overhead PA system.  Here in Brussels, the metro stations have had music piped through for quite a while and it is rather pleasant.

If you're on it, you'll be singing ...

If you’re on it, you’ll be singing …

More recently, the local transport company has taken to allowing buskers operate within certain stations.  They range from the looney to the sublime (like the violinist who can be found in one of the stations east of the centre.  The haunting sounds of his violin greet you as you step off the carriage and carry you up towards the shopping centre which squats above ground.  He is a kind gentleman who has a smile for all who walk past and a handful of boiled sweets to thank you for any tip you may leave.)

These buskers are liberally sprinkled around the ever-growing metro network but are distinct from the beggars that you tend to find roaming the streets.  For one thing, they are licensed by the transport company. To this end, adverts in every station point out that official buskers can be found in an officially designated spot (The sign is reproduced here)

So, if you want to know if someone is supposed to singing and dancing, as their promotional literature goes, “just make sure he’s on the musical G-spot”.

Do you sing when you hit the G-spot? Leave us a comment and let us know

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