One Way (Or Another)

I rotate my neck to ease a little of the tension.  We have been driving for about an hour and are on our way to meet family in Lille, France.  The route is new to me so I am making sure that we are on the right road and lane.  I notice that the signage is better in France than it is in Belgium but the traffic is a little hairier.

We take the appropriate exit off the A25 and I am immediately confronted with a dilemma.  I can either stay on the current lane and take a left-hand turn or move into the right-hand lane to head straight into the French countryside.  I cannot just swerve into the right-hand lane as there is traffic. I also cannot see a sign that would actually help me. I take a split-second decision and bark out an instruction.

“Which way?”

Where were you when I needed you?

Where were you when I needed you?

The companion has the maps and directions in hand.  I made sure to print out accurate driving directions from the Michelin guide before we left.  She looks at the papers in front of her and turns to me.

Does she say, “Left?”


Does she say, “Right?”


Does she say “Up” or “Down” which technically are directions and would have answered my question?

(Sigh) No.

Instead she waves at northern France and says, “That way”

I end up back on the A25.

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  1. This article sounded familiar to me as well, from the time I drove with maps in the UK and on the continent. However I now thank technology, as I only drive with a GPS unit.

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