Spain, like Portugal, has many reasons to be a great tourist destination. Listing them will not do the place justice but I still will try.

  1. It is an ex-superpower and so has the grandeur and presence that such a country should have.
  2. Due to its ex trade links with the Americas, it has an incredible cuisine based on ingredients that just didn’t exist in Europe before the age of exploration.
  3. It has a wide and varied landscape – mountains, beaches, valleys and fields.
  4. It has cultural relics from every aspect of European history; including Muslim occupation.

A photo of the facade of the Cathedral Nueva - Cadiz, Spain

The combination of all these things with a Mediterranean laissez-faire attitude is what makes Spain what it is.

I had the opportunity to motor through the entire southern coast of the country from Cadiz to Barcelona. This gave me an incredible view on the country and how it changes from one point to another. I will re-visit Barcelona but Andalusia beckons in many ways too.

I’ve also been to the Basque region in the north; it is incredible how different the various regions are from one another. There is a palpable change in the air between Cadiz, Barcelona and Bilbao. Each is uniquely Spanish in various ways, but each is also markedly different to one another. Truly, this is a country worth exploring!

What is your favourite part of Spain?

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