The Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A photo of a Cosmopolitan cocktail

Despite what is often called ‘the roaring success’ of the Cosmopolitan cocktail after it was heavily featured in the Sex and the City┬áseries, I am surprised to see how many of my female friends have not┬átried it themselves.

The Bloody Mary

A picture of most of the ingredients needed to make the Bloody Mary cocktail

Rather an unusual name, don’t you think, for a cocktail? There are some Paris-based New York bartenders who claim to have created it themselves. There are some who claim it refers to Mary Queen of Scots. Or to a barmaid called Mary working at the Bucket of Blood bar.

Sea Breeze

A photo of the Mediterranean sea in all its glory

In summer, it’s worth investigating a cocktail that is light; perfect to accompany long sun-lit days, evenings by the beach and the sense of a holiday. Travel with me to the nearest beach with the aptly named Sea Breeze cocktail.