The Lisbon Earthquake

A photo of the remains of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Lisbon, Portugal

Earthquakes, uncommon as they are, are as realistic to me as World War II or a sensible lawyer. I know they exist but I’ve never experienced them directly. This makes it all the more difficult to imagine what it must be like to experience one.

Santa Engracia – Lisbon

A photo of a street in Lisbon

The National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal is a 17th century church that was converted to a national monument and is now the final resting place for Portuguese personalities. Walk with me from the ‘Santa Apollonia’ metro stop up to this church.

Expat Feelings

A photo of a small, quaint but very necessary Lisbon tram

I have written about my life as an expat before. There are many things that make this life engaging and soul-enriching in my opinion but there is one curious collection of expat feelings that I go through when travelling to a place that may one day be home.