United Kingdom

I don’t know where to start. I was born in the UK, and having lived there briefly, I have a particular affinity for the country that I cannot just explain in mere words.

London, to start off with, is one of those places that never fails to thrill or disappoint. The capital is huge and sometimes unwieldy. But every time I visited, I found myself wandering the streets smiling at the simple pleasure of being there. Theatre, clubs, dining, sights – take your pick.

A photo of the Admiralty Arch - London, United KingdomI’ve had the opportunity to explore the calmer environs of Kent and Suffolk too. Both are more countryside than city. Both are also different because is a relaxed charm about Kent which exists in Suffolk as rural relaxation.

The rest of England is shrouded in my mind in a fog that is a mixture of valiant knights, Dickensian life and The Wind in the Willows. I will return and explore the country  because I want this fog to be burnt up by the light of discovery as I weave my way across the British Isles.


And everywhere else is on my list too …


Have you been outside London in the UK?

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