St George's Bay

You Are What You Eat

Over the festive season, we had an evening to ourselves amidst the rush to visit friends and family on the island of Malta.  We chose to go out and ended up looking for a spot to eat in Paceville which is Malta’s entertainment mecca.  Virtually every type of restaurant, club and bar is available in this small town which makes it convenient if you’re looking for a night on the tiles.

After wrestling with the traffic, we deposited our trusty rental car into a reasonably secure spot and walked towards Paceville. On our left, the soft sound of the sea licked the shore as the stars gazed at us.  It was a lovely temperate Mediterranean evening despite being late December.  Ahead of us, the sounds of tub-thumping music could be heard and we walked towards it while we wondered where to eat.

St George's Bay
The Walk By Day

We chose an eatery at the Bay Street complex which has a multitude of shops as well as restaurants.  Given the good weather, we were not the only people who wanted to eat on the terrace but we were lucky enough to find a free table.  The waiter showed us to our tables and whisked a couple of menus from somewhere.

We ignored the other staff as they dashed to and fro with plates heaving with food, trays containing many drinks and leather wallets hiding tips.  We took a few minutes to look at the menu.  They had the following specialities (please bear in mind that in Malta, English is a first language):

  1. Cheese “apices” in the Deep Pan Pizza
Cheese apices
Well Worth the “Wiat”
  1. “Bofola” Mozzarella
    Bofola Mozzarella
    Special Cheese
  2. A Marinara pizza with “shripms” and (only) half “sheels”.
    Shripms and Sheels
    That’s the sound you make when you taste them
  3. A Capricciosa pizza with “tomaato” sauce
    Tomaato Sauce
    Dutch Vegetables
  4. A Funghi pizza with “mashrooms”
    Properly Processed Mushrooms
  5. A Pescatore (seafood platter) which is “delicious and taste”
    Delicious and Taste
    It Very Nice!
  6. A Polipo octopus dish with “cheery” tomatoes
    Cheery Tomatoes
    If they’re happy, I’m happy

My partner asked what I was having.

“Anything that’s spelt properly.”

Odd Menus in your restaurant? Leave us a comment and tell us about them!

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15 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

    1. Annabelle – It’s the first thing you think of, right? ;-)

      The Unexpected Traveller

  1. Recently visiting Malta I had the good fortune of visiting and dining in one of the most acclaimed restaurants of Malta. The Mdina restaurant in Mdina is highly suggested by various travellers.

    Trusting TripAdvisor I made an early reservation through an online co. ( and was pleasently surprised to see the PU vehicle arrive at our hotel before time and that the restaurant had a special tabel with the view of the harbour reserved for us.

    The food was simply great and the Decor Superb. since you seem to be interested in food, it might be something youd like to try.

  2. I loved the one with the “sheels” in it. Someone really needs a crash course in English spelling – or a very good bash on head.

    You are really quite lucky in managing to find out this sort of mis spellings in a Menu??!! Good luck keep it up, it makes good reading.

  3. This is hilarious !!!! I didn’t know what hit me when I started reading. Perhaps quite a few misplaced letters !!!! :)

    1. I know what you mean Diane. A lot of misplaced things perhaps, but thankfully the kitchen knew what to cook. Whether we knew what we were eating is another question.

      The Unexpected Traveller

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